Fishery Industry

pemakaian pada industri perikanan
  1. Buttom Drain
    The basal water circulation pathway goes into the filter
  2. The air bubble is placed on top of the drain buttom, which can be used as:
         - Helps to maximize the fuction of buttom drain
         - Increase the level of O2 into water and encourage the release of CO2 into the air
         - The higher level of O2 in the water can increase the population of fish
  3. Using a lifted pump system, water is returned to the pool, by placing air bubbles inside a vertical pipe

Wastewater Treatment


Aeration Process

In the wastewater treatment industry one of the most important parts of the filtering process is the aeration process. In this process, wastewater is given continuous air intake in order to increase the levels of DISSOLVED OXSYGEN (DO) and to help release Nitrate (NO) and Ammonia (NH) levels in water.

  1. Yasunaga Pump Unit
  2. Air bubble

Usage in Septic Tank

  • The processed wastewater is no longer harmful to the environment and even provides nutrients for plants.
  • In accordance with Governor Regulation No. 16 of 2005 on domestic wastewater.




Pressure Release Valve