Use of Digisavior in the Chemical Industry

Lime Milk Line


Digisaviour line



  1. After the desulfurization process, slime gypsum attaches to the gypsum line.
  2. Performed pig cleaning every two months.

After 3 Months

  1. The gypsum crust is not attached at all.
  2. Pig cleaning is not required.
  3. The original material of the pipe is visible.
  4. New crust is not formed.

Cooling Line on Production Equipment





  1. Using chemicals due to sustainable rust & slime conditions.
  2. The use of chemical not maximal, so it must be done regular cleaning.

After 3 Months

  1. It is certain that slime production can be suppressed, and the inside of the Multi Tubular Heat Exchanger becomes clean.
  2. Along with the loss of mucus, the rust also gradually disappears.

Use of Digisavior in Paper Mills

Recovery Boiler Green Liquor Circulation Line




  1. In 6 months the crust sticks firmly, disrupting the flow of water in the path of the green liquor circulation on the recovery of the kettle.
  2. The crust should be peeled with a chisel.
  3. 400 mm pipe narrows to less than 100 mm.

After 6 Months

  1. The crust is soft and easy to clean.
  2. The crust did not stick to the pipe at all.

Use of Digisavior in the Titanium Industry

Exhaust Gas Scrubber





  1. The crust is attached to the filter media, and the gas discharge conditions are getting worse.
  2. The crust also attaches to the filter media retaining frame (grate).
  3. Before installation of Digisavior, filter media is cleaned first.


2 months: crust does not stick at all on filter media.
3 months: there is no crust at all either on filter media or on frame.

Use of Digisavior in the Cooling Tower for Refrigerator

Cooling Tower for Refrigerator

2 Months after installation

3 Months after installation